Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 26: My Fears

On the surface, my fears are mushrooms, butterflies, and moths. Those things are so freaking creepy.
But on the deeper level, my fear is being the kind of mother that I had. I tell my son all of the time how great he is. I tell him that I love him. I tell him that he can be anything he wants. I want my son to know that his mom will always love him. Because I never got those things from my mom. I fear giving my son the same sad childhood that I had.

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Ray Ray said...

lol when i was a kid we used to get mushrooms in our yard and they looked so friggin disgusting and nasty and weird that everytime i saw them i kicked them just to get them out the yard. random i know lol..i dont know you all that well but i'm sure youre an awesome mother..especially if you tell your son everyday how amazing he is.