Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 12: What's In My Bag

I had such a cool day today that I almost blogged about it, but I looked at tomorrow's topic which encompasses the whole week, so I decided that I'd just wait. Anyway, my purse contains my sunglasses, my change purse, my wallet, my cell phone, a bank receipt that I'd written some directions on, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, a small bottle of Curve perfume, Lancome lip gloss, Lipsmacker Stawberry lip gloss, 2 tubes of lip gloss that was some kind of fairy brand (I got it in San Diego at Hot Topic and I don't remember the brand but it was on sale and I'd love to find them again), 2 tubes of Shineblast lip gloss, and a tube of Lip Luscious lip gloss. Yes, I now have 7 tubes of lip gloss in my purse. Why? Cuz I loves me some lip gloss.

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