Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 21: Another Moment

This is another one that took a moment for me to decide on. I wanted to talk about a moment that stuck in my head that I'd recognized the greatness of as it happened. I decided to write about when I'd seen my crush (at the time) Kelsy Davis in Los Angeles.

The first time I'd seen him I knew he was someone I wanted to get next to. Over the next year I'd seen in him so many venues in Atlanta. I bought new outfits and got my hair and nails done and made it a priority to be where ever I knew he would be. I would comb posters in Little Five Points (an area that I consider my stomping grounds) to see when he'd perform again. He and I slowly became friends as he came to recognize me at nearly all of his shows. At that point, I'd say that I'd seen him at least 8 times in concert and even managed to run into him a few times around town. Every time I ran into him I panicked. He's always had that impact on me. That feeling of trying extremely hard not to do or say anything too stupid and even if I did, he always made me feel okay regardless.

I realized that I hadn't seen him in a while so I dropped him an email to see how he'd been. He sent an email back, saying he had moved to LA. I knew what I had to do. I bought my ticket a week later. I sent Kelsy an email letting him know that I'd be in his area. I waited to hear back but nothing. The time came, and I flew out. While there I still hadn't heard from him. I shrugged my shoulders, just glad to be on the other side of the country. Cali was pretty awesome. While there I checked my email. There was one from him, it was a flier, saying he was having a concert that night. WOOHOO!! I was staying with my sister in San Diego, which is two hours away, but I drove there. I listened to "Love" by Keisha Cole the whole way there. I was so nervous. I'd Mapquested the directions. It was in Hollywood.

I got there and waited. He was there. I wanted to say something to him, but I figured he'd think I was a goddamned nut. Eventually he looked up. Then he said "I know that isn't who I think it is" and smiled at me. He later told me that he'd been a bit homesick and seeing me helped him feel a bit better. I remembered watching him set up. When his show began, I knew to myself that I'd have to soak the whole moment in. The magic of being in Los Angeles with a guy that I'd been lusting after for forever, as he sang his heart out. I felt frozen in time I remembered the songs he sang and the fluttering in my heart as I heard him and watched him perform. He went on to do an awesome show that night. After his performance, he told me that he didn't know that I was coming. I asked him if he'd gotten my email. He told me he hadn't and that he'd only sent out the flier as an email blast. I guess it's funny how fate works like that because if he'd have done that a week later (or even 2 days later), I'd have missed him. He isn't one for pictures, but he took one with me that night. I actually framed that pic once I got home.

That moment was so small, but it always stuck with me. I loved how Kelsy appreciated me being there. We eventually just became homies, but he's always had a way of making me feel like the only woman in the room. He's Kelsy Davis. And he helped me create a moment.

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