Monday, September 29, 2008

Arguing With Fools

I posted something on my Myspace blog about this crazy whore that I had to go to court for. Basically this bitch contacted my son's father about the fact that she couldn't believe that he knocked up that "ugly bitch" meaning myself. I was so pissed off that I called her and told her straight up that if she has an issue with him, that's fine but to keep me and any references to me out of her mouth. I called her that one time, I texted her three times, and I sent her a single Facebook comment. Excessive yes. Am I sorry? NO. I sent those things within a small window of time and I forgot about it. So imagine my surprise when I get a summons a few days later. This bitch went and got a RESTRAINING ORDER against me. Are you serious? Apparently she doesn't have anything better to do with her time. I'm a college student and a mother, I sure do.
This bitch went to court lying about my son's father having numerous children with numerous women and she even went so far as to say that I called her at work harassing her (for the record, I don't have her work number- another lie she told). Anyway, we went to court and the judge said that we were both in the wrong and to leave eachother alone. I was fine with that, whatever.
Later on, I stumbled upon the the saying "Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference" and I realized that was exactly what happened. Rather than me being the bigger woman and leaving her to sulk in her own misery, I went to court and looked like an idiot, when in fact, she was. I argued with a FOOL. And I ended up looking like one too. dammit.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Home Cleaning Protest Didn't Work

I'm not a clean person. I'm sure that most of you don't know this, but its true. I am not a fan of cleaning. It just seems so wrong. I don't let mold grow up on dishes or anything like that, but if a pair of jeans is laying in the middle of my bedroom for 2 weeks straight, bfd.
However, living here with Deen and Caleb, I've decided to embrace my current situation as a stay-at-home mom and make sure that things are nice and clean when Deen gets home. Deen, being the bastard that he is, has taken to forgetting what challenge it is for me to clean our home and have food on the stove for him when he gets home. After an argument the other night where I felt that I have reached my limit of him knitpicking my attempts at cleaning our home, so I decided to protest. I felt that if he was going to whine instead of thanking me when I am truly trying to help him out, I'll just cease cleaning. That night (Wednesday), I went to sleep without cleaning the kitchen.
I woke up Thursday morning to the mess that was my living room and kitchen. I managed to work around it. I noticed that the night before Deen went to sleep, he'd put many dishes in a sink of soapy water. Lazy bastard. It drove me crazy to not be able to actually cook in a clean kitchen, but I weathered on. i had to rinse out forks that were in the dishwasher for me to use. My living room started to look like an expanded version of Caleb's play pen with my little scamp pulling out every single toy we've ever purchased for him. As much as I wanted to, I resisted cleaning my living room. It was actually, strangely hard for me to see my living room like that.
Friday morning. Those dishes are STILL in the standing dish water. A wok that Deen had left out from Wednesday night had the same water still in it to soften the gunk in it. The water in the wok was starting to turn white. As the day wore on, the dishes in the standing water in the sink were now surrounded by a slimy gray matter. The only clean silverware in the drawer is butterknives, so I'm having to clean my own forks and spoons as I get ready to eat. This is getting embarassing. But I WILL NOT GIVE IN. The counters started to give way to dishes that could no longer fit into our already full gray slime-filled sink. The bowl that Deen left on the living room table Wedensday night is in the EXACT same spot. Aparently Deen is blind. Because I see a freaking MESS. Deen hasn't even mentioned my lack of cleaning. Jackass.
On to Saturday morning. The gray matter in the wok is developing a really funky white layer on top of it. A bug somehow climbed into the sludge in our sink and took his own life by drowning and he's just floating around. That stupid bowl is in the same stinking place on the living room coffee table. Fruit flies have amassed somewhere and they are flying directly to my face. There is no counter space to even prepare food for the microwave. The toys pulled out by my son are in the same spot, unless he himself moved them to another place for mommy to trip over. I called my homegirl Chasell to brag about how great not cleaing my home is. I tell her about the fruit flies and the science experiements growing in my sink and wok. And Chasell says to me "you're going to crack." "NO I'M NOT!!!" I reply as I shoo a fruit fly away. I just kept thinking that at any moment, Deen is going to come home and ask me why the heck our home is being over run by fruitflies and slime. He didn't. I called him and I said, "are you even going to MENTION the fact that I haven't cleaned our home in three days?!" and he replied with "I was going to come home and clean up tonight. I mean, I wasn't going to clean ALL of it, but I was going to straighten up a little." So my protest didn't mean anything, aparently. Then I said to him "did you even NOTICE that I haven't touched anything? Gosh, you don't appreciate me!!!" Being a guy, he stated, "I do appreciate you. I know its not easy to clean and look after the boy."
At that point I felt that his wack apology was enough good reason for me to FINALLY clean my home. I called Chasell and admitted to her that I'd started cleaning. "I knew you would," she said. I hate it when she's right.