Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 18: My Favorite Birthday

Hmm, I don't really have one particular favorite birthday, but I have a few different ones that stand out for different reasons.

#17 that was cool because we'd had a big barbeque for me, my ex, my cousin Hassan, and my friend Dorrian. my cousin Tracey was there. She'd died about a year later.

# 18 it wasn't really "good" but still special. Tracey had died a week prior and her funeral was the day before I'd turned 18. My aunt bought me Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" cd for my birthday and to this day, it remains among my favorite cd's. My dad and I went to Atlantic City while we were in Jersey, as a way to get our minds off of my cousin's death.

#21 my friend Sebastian (Scorpio) took me to Papadeaux and he'd ordered me a drink called "Swamp Thing" he really went out of his way to make the day special. Shortly thereafter, I'd finally cut my permed hair off and I've been natural since.

# 28 Pookie and I spent the year in Florida with my mom. We went to the beach and he treated me like a princess the whole time we were there.

# 30 this year was pretty awesome. My party wasn't quite what I'd planned, but it was fun and I was glad to be surrounded by the people I love. I had a party at Joffrey's Coffee and we finished off the night at Eastside Lounge, which is where my homie bartends. He and Roderick got me good and drunk and I spent time with Fred. Before I hit 30, I told myself that I didn't want to be lethargic the rest of my life, so I decided to hit the gym that much more. Since then I've lost 13 lbs, and I can now run a mile straight, I'm shrinking out of my clothes and I'm happier now than I've ever been.


khaki la'docker said...

these 30 day blog joints are depressing me... just realized i hadnt had a special birthday since i was like 5.

malika the sexy cynic said...

lol. well, khak, there's always next year. what's say me, u, & jazz meet up in the bahamas or something?