Monday, August 9, 2010

I Partied With Dwight Eubanks

Man, yesterday was magic. The day started out with me being pissed at Pookie. We're in a bit of a transitional phase where we may be leaning toward doing the commitment thing and I was pissed about something. The whole day I kept saying that perhaps I was bugging, but I couldn't exactly put my finger on how. That's when I decided to hit up Kelsy and ask his advice.

Kelsy is such a guy's guy, that I knew he'd be able to shed a little light on the situation. Sure enough, Kelsy was right, I was tripping and I needed to cool out. I got home and walked up to Pookie and wrapped my arms around him and apologized. He looked at me and said "do you want to talk?" I nodded and we went back to his bedroom. While there, I admitted to him that Kelsy, my uuber crush for so long, was the one that convinced me that I was tripping. After we'd briefly talked, Pookie told me that he'd gotten some fresh intel that Dwight Eubanks of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was having a party and asked if I wanted to go. I'm not much of a fan of the other Housewives shows in the franchise, but i couldn't help but to love the Atlanta series.

I'd seen one of the episodes that featured a party of Dwight's and ever since then, I'd wanted to go to one. I mean really wanted to go to one. I loved how much attention he'd paid to detail. Portia and I had agreed that we'd look around online and see if we could work our ways into one.
As soon as I'd heard him say Dwight Eubanks, I started going through my mental closet of what to wear for the night. Pookie said that the party was private and that he'd gotten word on it from the dj, who was a Facebook friend and casual associate. We didn't really know what to expect. I made sure that I was looking fly, despite my huge fear that we'd get there and immediately be identified and escorted out as party crashers.

We got on down there, and walked in to his salon, where it was held. We were met by two Amazonian models, that told us to go on in. We walked straight to the bar. Pookie was surprised to discover that the bartenders weren't charging for drinks, they were simply working for tips (YES!!) While in line, I examined the room and saw beautiful people and immediately started to feel a tad out of place. Did we belong? The man behind me patted me on the back. I was afraid to turn around, for fear that he'd say to me "who the hell are YOU?!" But he didn't. He simply waved at me and told me that I looked nice. *whew* I returned the compliment by telling him that I loved the bright red shirt he wore. After the drinks kicked in, Pookie and I hit the dance floor. I've been jogging lately, and I'd been anxious to hit a club and see how my endurance on a dance floor would go. I figured that if I can jog a mile straight now, an hour or two on a dance floor couldn't be too bad. I was right. Pookie and I danced our asses off.

After a while, we decided to head outside and get some air. Pookie headed back inside for something, and a homeless man approached me and asked if I had any cash. I told him I didn't. He sat there and continued to stare at me. I told him again that I was strapped. He told me that he was hungry. I apologized and swore to him that if I had it, I'd give him a few bucks. A moment later, a party goer walked outside with a plate of food. Again, the man looked at me. I relented and agreed to ask if I could give him a plate.

I went inside, looking for Dwight, who'd been on the dance floor the whole night. Now that man can dance. He was a sweaty mess, but I swear he was still together as ever. Not a single hair was out of place. I found him, standing near Pookie. I waited until he was done talking to his associates and asked him if I could give a plate to a homeless man outside. I can't deny, I expected him to be touched by my act of kindness. Instead, he told me no, I could not do that. To do that would encourage the man and other homeless people to come around and seek food and money. Dwight explained that all of the homeless people in the area knew he didn't give out food. I shrugged and told him that I understood, and that was why I asked him to begin with. I guess I can say that probably the ONLY good thing to come from my roommate's skank. Her lack of home training made me aware of how important it is to mind my manners while in someone else' space. I knew that despite me wanting to do the "right" thing, it wasn't my food, I didn't pay for it, and i was in someone else's party so all I could do was to ask. I was told no, I moved on.
More than anything, I didn't want to get caught giving out food and risk pissing off Dwight. His party was so banging, that if he said that in order to attend another one we had to go hunting homeless people, I'd ask if he preferred we use a rifle or a bow and arrow. I was NOT going to risk being uninvited for a homeless person I don't know. I'm just not that nice.

Pookie joined me back outside a few minutes later, and we ran into a friend of his. He introduced me as his "old lady." I looked at him and said "so I've got a title now?" He shrugged his shoulders. Men...

We went back in and separated when I went to the rest room. I'm not even going to mention the two men I saw coming out of the bathroom together. Anyway, when I got back out, I found Pookie who was talking to some guy. He introduced us and the man said that because he was sweaty, he'd simply give me an air kiss instead. I asked the guy what he was eating, and he told me that they had shrimp and grits in the back and he advised me to get some. Anyone that knows how I feel about seafood would understand how gracefully yet quickly I hauled ass over there to get some. There were also fried green tomatoes, and spring salad. That's right. On top of drinks that you only tipped on, he had REAL food, not just tortilla chips and salsa. Pookie later told me that the guy told him that he was Dwight's manager, and he gave Pookie his email address and promised to put him on the email list so that we could go to more parties. We decided to hit the dance floor again. After a couple more dances, we called it a quits and agreed to go home. The whole night was like a dream.

Late that evening, I updated my Facebook page to announce that I'd been to a party of Dwight's and said that you haven't seen a real party until you've been to one given by him. Portia called me that afternoon. The first thing out of her mouth was "YOU BITCH!! I can't believe you went to a Dwight Eubanks party and you didn't invite me!!" After much begging and pleading and explaining to her that we half expected to get kicked out, which is why we didn't announce our plans to the world before we got there, she slightly cooled. Although she did refer to me as a trick on Facebook. I guess it didn't help that I put so much emphasis on how spectacular the party was when describing it to her.

After the fact, when I reflected on the whole thing, I realized how awesome Dwight must really be. He didn't give the party to try to make money, he didn't scrutinize the people he didn't know, he didn't have a rigid dress code (as evidenced by a few of the under dressed people I'd seen), and he spent real money on the liquor and food. Pookie also told me that they'd only thrown the party together the night before. That man is so fantastic that he threw together the best party I've ever been to in only 24 hours. I was considering getting my hair twisted at his salon before, but now I'm leaning toward going even more.

So anyway, another fabulous say in the fabulous life of Malika. Yep, you want to be me.

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