Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1: Introduce Myself

So I saw on the blog of my homie Kingsmomma something about a 30 day blog challenge. I asked her about it, so she forwarded me the email. I looked over it and decided that I'd do it myself. So here goes.

My name is Malika Fl.owers and I'm 30 years old. I am a gemini and a mother of a fantastic 2-year-old boy who will be 3 in september. I live with his father who is also my boyfriend. It is strange for me to call him that. We've only been committed for a couple of weeks now, but so far so good. He and I have had a long road, but I love him more than he'll ever know and I look forward to see how things will be with us.
Personality-wise, I'm a tried and true wiseass. I am extremely sarcastic and I don't back down easily from challenges. I'm a proud woman and I hate stupidity.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a graduate of Kennesaw State University, where I majored in Communications with a concentration in Media studies. I chose Kennesaw after I'd been at Life University and I realized that I hated it. Many of the students there talked about Kennesaw like it was the promised land, so I decided to go there. I remember how much I cried when I found out that I'd been accepted. I learned a lot going to Kennesaw and I will always treasure the education I received there.

I currently work as a social worker. I work with children that have behavioral problems. I initially got my job through my dad because after graduating, I couldn't find anything. It quickly became a labor of love. I would do my job for free. The youngest child I worked with was 6 years old, and the oldest was a girl that just graduated high school. The coolest thing about my job is getting to work with kids and let them know that I once was once where they are and that they can go far if they try. I'm pretty much like family to the parents I work with. The kids really get me and I get them. One of the girls was actually not covered, but I continued to stay with her anyway. Some of the kids I would actually adopt if I could and had to. I love my job. I'd like to do more of it so I am about to take the GRE so that I can get my master's degree and make even more money in my field.

In my spare time I like to sleep. Seriously. However when you have children that isn't much of an option. Slightly before my 30th birthday I decided that I tired of being overweight so I've started dieting and exercising. I've lost about 10 lbs and I recently jogged a mile and a half straight, which is quite an accomplishment for me since up I'd always led a lazy lifestyle. I also like to write. I have a blog (obviously) and I also write for and

Okay, I guess that describes me. So far so good on day one.

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Ray Ray said...

I'm kinda going thru sporadically and looking at blog postings old and new any rate, thats quite an intro..a thirty day blog challenge huh? sounds interesting..i think i wanna do it'll be cool i think.