Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 4: What I Ate Today

Well, obviously this is supposed to be about what I ate today, but the whole day was awesome and enlightening, so I figured I'd incorporate it all here. Anyway, in cutting back on the eating, I didn't eat until noon. For breakfast/lunch, I ate some curry and rice that Pookie made last night. I also forced myself to drink my unsweetened cranberry juice to fight this stupid bladder infection. It tastes AWFUL. I had time to reflect on more ignorance from Chloe's direction. I had a rare moment of clarity/stupidity and sent her a text that said that despite knowing that she's not at all remorseful, I forgive her and I'm going to pray for her. Yep, I still want to punch her, but based on her actions, she's obviously miserable and for folks like that, all you can do is give it to a higher power. I even decided not to get that restraining order after all.

After that, I grabbed Pumpkin and hauled ass on to pick up Pookie's mom and so we could head down to Pine Mountain, Georgia. On the way down, she told me that she has no beef with me and she knows that I love Pookie and that she adores our son. I apologized for some stupid things I'd done previously. I talked a little about my family and other stuff. We got the chance to bond. I was thankful for the car trip. It really gave us the chance to get to know one another even further. On to the food, while there, we stopped at a Subway and I got a foot-long tuna on wheat, but only ate half of it. I unfortunately had 2 cups of Coke, which was shared with my son (I consider him my junk food buffer, so he can keep me from eating too much junk) and I picked at my son's snack meal of popcorn chicken and potato wedges.

While in Pine Mountain, we stopped at a Dollar General. I don't know about anyone else, but for darned near all of the small towns I visit, I'm always fascinated to visit their Dollar Generals. While in there, Pumpkin being Pumpkin, he ran around. I joked to the cashier that sometimes I wish he had been born at the age of 18. That's when she looked at me and told me that her daughter had died three years ago at the age of 17 in a car accident. I saw the pain on her face. She told me that she'd give anything to hear her daughter fighting with her sister just one more time. I asked her if I could hug her. She nodded. I hugged her tightly. I told her that I love her. And I told her that I'd keep her in my prayers.

Anyway, in the car I bumped some Velvet Rope and after playing "Go Deep" about 10 times in a row on the way home after I dropped Pumpkin off with Pookie's mom, I got the urge to finally visit the gym for the first time since Sunday. Unfortunately I only had time to run half a mile after finishing my weight training circuit, but it's better than nothing. I was so amped from the Janet that I actually ended up adding 5 to 10 lbs to each set. Daisy hit me up when I got home and asked if I wanted to hit the park to go jogging on Saturday. Hells yeah, I do. I miss her since she's back teaching. I got home, where Pookie was making chicken Parmesan. I finished it off and decided that I'm not going to eat tomorrow, as part of my diet that has already helped me to drop 9 lbs so far. Gotta go jogging tomorrow though. Anyway. Nighties.

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