Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 8: A Moment

There are some times in life that you just know are special. Moments that stand out as they happen, and you know that moment will stay with you forever. As I approach my son's third birthday, I think back on this moment.

The day before his first birthday, I frantically cleaned our apartment and Pookie agreed to take him out while I tried to get things in order for our guests the next day. I put Pumpkin in his little blue sweatsuit and I handed him to his father. Something about the moment of watching them walk down the hall together... seeing my little munchkin next to his 6'6 father walking down the hall will always resonate with me. I was hoping that his dad would take him for ice cream or something nice.

When they got back, Pookie had brought him a yellow toy lawnmower that makes too much freaking noise and he bought him a set of blocks, both presents that he'd let him pick out for himself for his birthday. I looked at his shirt and asked why it was so dirty. His dad said he'd taken him to Coldstone for ice cream. It's like he read my mind. So anyway, that's my moment. Watching my little booger with his daddy walking down the hall. I hate to say it for fear that you know who will come on here starting mess, but I'd often heard her say that the father of her child is such an emotional deadbeat, that I know to appreciate what Pookie does that much more. So I appreciate seeing him take his son out. I loved that moment. And I always will.

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Kingsmomma said...

no need to reference your stalker. There are many women whose children live teh unfortunate reality of growing up without thier father.