Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bitch, move on!!!

Why me? Seriously, why the hell does it seem like crazy, jealous psychotic women follow me around in an attempt to wish me ill will? Seriously! I already had to go to court because of one crazy bitch and then ANOTHER one is at me. I don't want to seem like a drama queen because I'm really not, I just want to live a peaceful life. I wish this tacky ass bitch that thought she was being funny would go the hell on with her life. This shit is just stupid now. I'm a grown ass woman, in May I'll be a college graduate, I'm a mother but for some reason jealous skanks have nothing better to do than to google me (of all things) and then go to my blogtalk.com page and leave ignorant ass comments? SERIOUSLY?! Bitch, do you really want to be me THAT BAD?! Is your man really that much of a nobody that you're pissed off that he settled for your stupid ass? I'm gonna find refuge in Buddha and meditate on this, but you betta pray I don't catch your ass in the club.


TrapSwagg said...

some shit like this has happened to me before to...i wont go into details...maybe ill right about it on my next post but simply put it was like...ok girl...you call me everyday like we friends and act like i cant hear the hate in yo voice like i cant read between the lines and dont get all your lil sublimal disses..you must be jeolous of something that im doing cause yo whole conversation is so negative yet you cant get enough of me...just give um the paw is what i say...HI HATER!!!

Just Jasmine said...

ttSome women don't know how to gracefully bow out or take the L. Now I can't say that I haven't done some crazy stalkerish type ish because lord knows I have. I just can't understand how I am sitting up at 3 am breastfeeding a teething baby and I know you are phucking pepe le pew. Both of ya'll gotta pay. Its a good thing my bite is worse than my bark and its an even better thing that I have matured a bit.

By the way this is my second time visting your page and you have just become my best friend in my head....

and i love teh footed pjs