Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday NIghty MJQ Fuckery

God, I love MJQ Concourse in Atlanta, Georgia. I've been going there since before I was 20 when my former boss (who was a dj at the time) had to vouch for me to get in. Since then, I've had numerous awesome nights there. I wonder if they'd let my ashes be scattered there. Hmmm... I'll have to look into that. Anyway, I ended up there last night, and I was absolutely amazed at the amount of fuckery I was lucky enough to witness. Just to let you know, all of the pictures in this blog were taken last night, except for the one of me and Murph. I wish my phone battery had held up longer, because there was so much debauchery to photograph.

The day started out when Roderick (hi Rod!) told me that his girlfriend Bridget was coming to town and he wanted to take her out. He decided that MJQ would give her a good dose of the city. I called Solomon, Greg, and Daisy to see if they wanted to come out also. The guys didn't make it, but Daisy did.

I rolled my ass out of bed, and went down to meet them. I'm short on cash right now so I prayed that someone I knew would let me in for free. I went to the door and didn't see my homies, so I was prepared to give the bouncer a story when he looked at me and said "what's up?!" and hugged me and shooed me on inside for the freeski. God, membership has it's privileges. The funny thing is that while I was outside I saw a crowd of about 10 people trying to pool their money to buy everyone's way in. I chuckled at how pissed they must have been to see me walk up out of no where and be treated so nicely. In my defense though, I've been a regular for over 10 years and God knows, I've paid my dues for occasional free admittance. Not only that, when the more eccentric folks are given special privileges, it makes us want to go there more, which keeps the atmosphere dope. Honestly, the crowd last night wasn't as artsy as it normally is, so I hope and pray that MJQ keeps it diverse appeal.

Once I got in, I ran into Murph, one of the bouncers. Murph is one of the strangest and coolest men I've ever met. He actually came and spoke with my homie SkyHy to one of my communications classes while at Kennesaw. I walked in and flirted heavily with him as always before I departed to find my friends. I've flirted with Murph since we first met, and typically when we text one another, he'll ask for pictures of my tits. And I must ask, what is not to love about that man? I remember being outside of the club one night with Murph and Daisy. He held my hand as he complimented Daisy's ass. Only a true pimp could do it like that and no one get offended. Later on, Daisy suggested that the next time I saw him I should play with his nipples. As sweet as the offer was, I declined. She informed me that his nipples are pierced and that he'd enjoy it. Again, I passed.

Eventually I found Rod, Daisy, and Bridget. Daisy and I decided to go outside, which is where we ended up the whole night. I have to add that Bridget is absolutely adorable and I think that she and Rod are a great fit. She also promised to save me some of the banana pudding that she's going to make, which makes her my new best friend.
Outside of the club is actually normally where the magic happens at the club. Don't get me wrong, the music at the club is bananas and the vibe is the best, but unless it's really cold, I typically end up hanging outside when I go. As Daisy and I sat outside, we talked and caught up as always. I've known her for a few years now, but lately we've really gotten close, which I'm enjoying. Anyway, outside of the club is where the magic happened.

First, I ran into an old friend from childhood, Stacy. Some asshole I used to be cool with had the nerve to walk up to me and put his arms around me and tell me hello. I politely told him to burn in hell. That's when Stacy commented that she didn't know it was "Linen Night" at the club, commenting on his suit. I swear that girl needs help.

Next we saw Murph fling some drunk dude outside and tell him not to come back. The guy slunk away as we sat back and wondered what happened. The funny thing is that most bouncers are complete gentlemen to the ladies, but let some fool get out of pocket and they enjoy putting a foot in his ass. I guess that's why I've always gravitated to bouncers on a personal level, I always feel very respected and protected with them.

A while later, we saw a white cop car roll up. We commented on how beat up it looked and someone told us that they were the Task Force meaning that because they were the ass beaters of the APD and they're the ones that traditionally kick in doors. They rode around in a car that was beat up with a bad paint job because they could. The car stopped in the lot and the officer working outside of the club went to the side of the car and said hello to the cops inside the car. A few minutes later, a car pulled up behind the cop car. After waiting a few seconds, they decided to honk the horn to urge the car in front of them to go. I guess they didn't realized they were honking at 3 cops to hurry up so they could go around. That's when I saw the officer, who is a total cutie (damn him for being married!) get "that look." You know that look that says, "apparently, I'm gonna have to beat somebody's ass," right? Everyone outside laughed because it seems that the genius that was driving didn't seem to see that he was honking at a uniformed cop, who was leaning in and talking to fellow cops in a painted cop car. Officer Cutie was cool about it. I don't know what he said to them, but he quickly walked up to their car and they weren't seen for the rest of the night after they hauled ass. Needless to say, the original cop car stayed parked, firmly in place.
This was around the time that I start to proclaim "I'm totally gonna blog about tonight." A while later, I saw another bouncer carry another guy outside, drunk. This dude looked bad. Really bad. He layed on his back on the ground and rolled around. We all looked at him and shook our heads pathetically. Someone came and grabbed him later. He actually looked kind of sad and pitiful as he put on his really thick glasses and tailed behind his friend and they left.

Next up, we saw that Officer Cutie was having a hard time with someone. That was when I noticed that the officer was starting to handcuff the guy. Later, I saw him trying to subdue the guy. Despite me growing way tired, I decided that I wasn't going to leave until I saw him taken away. Yeah, it was growing into one of those nights. The crowd outside of the club started to grow at this time as more stragglers started to head out as the club was getting ready to close.

Around this time I met some guy that was clearly trying to flirt. He'd taken Daisy out before and she told me about how wack he was, and I got to see firsthand how right she was. I knew he was gonna be a loser when he looked at my locs and said "I want to grow my hair back out." Now I don't know if other women get this and if it bugs them as much as it bugs me, but I HATE it when a guy tries to relive the glory days of his hair while talking to me. I don't give a damn how long someone's hair used to be. I really don't. And then they try to hold long conversations about how they used to take care of it. UGH! Just LEAVE!!
Then we saw Murph bringing out a drunk woman. It was actually kind of sweet how nice he was to her, as he gently placed her on the sidewalk and then informed her that he was about to go into her purse and use her phone to call her daughter to come get her. Then he disappeared back inside. A part of me wanted to sit with her to make sure she'd be okay, but then another part of me just knew that I didn't want the responsibility of that, so I didn't. A few minutes later, Dres tha Beatnik rolled up. Dres is a well respected MC and host, and pretty much considered Atlanta royalty. He had been hosting that night in the club. We said our hellos and caught up. That's when the drunk chick started to hurl. I felt kind of bad for her but I still wasn't going there. Dres then said that watching her there was cool and that he never got to see drunk people throw up. I reminded him that he spends 4 nights a week in a club for a career. He responded that he gets to see the pretty side of club life, but rarely does he get to see the part where people get plastered and laid out. The pic below is of Dres and Daisy. A few minutes later I looked over at her and noticed that her vomit had spread and she was now sitting in it, in her white pants. Nice.

Around this time, the club had totally let out and a cop car rolled up to take away the guy that pissed off Officer Cutie. Rod and Bridget had left by then and a friend was about to walk Daisy to her car. I knew that the night was coming to an end so I bid adieu to everyone.

MJQ Concourse, I love you.


Anonymous said...

Girl, you had a ball!

malika the sexy cynic said...

yes i did reggie! whenever you're in atlanta, hit me up and i'll take you through there also.

Reed is a character in her own story said...

OMG! I miss MJQ. *sad face* memories. Must come back to Atlanta

malika the sexy cynic said...

Reed, come on girl!! Can't help but to love the craziness of the Q! I saw Mo the other day also. Come on back and we'll do it like only WE can do!! ;)