Wednesday, January 14, 2009

how i pissed off a pastor

as an adult do you ever look back at something that you did or said as a child and think to yourself "man, i was advanced/brave/kind/smart when i was a kid"? this is one of those moments for me. anyway, i've always been a bit of a rebel and i've always asked questions of people i'm not supposed to ask. that's why i don't do the whole church thing. too many questions that can only be answered by blind faith and hypocrisy. here is my story of ticking off a pastor. damn i'm good.

in high school we had a woman that was a local pastor who would be a substitute teacher from time to time. her name was ms. english. one day she filled in for my chemistry teacher and starting telling my class about the bible. she pointed to my classmate juju and said that the tattoos on his arm were sinful because the bible says that we're not supposed to mark our skin. now her argument would be well and good, except for the fact that ms. english had about 5 earring holes in each ear.

i pointed out her earrings and said that it's wrong to put down juju's tats when she had earrings. call me crazy, but i couldn't really see god being okay with a woman lining each of her ears earrings, while damning young juju for his tats. ms. english looked at me with utter contempt (i've gotten that look a lot in my life, so i know the look of contempt WELL). she said to me "the bible says not to CUT the skin. just to help this story along here is the verse from the old testament says

“Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves."

so anyway, i told her that she was just as wrong for having earrings as juju was for having tats. ms. english was getting more and more irritated as i pointed this out in front of my classmates. she asked me if i knew the difference between a piercing and a cut. i told her that they're pretty much the same thing and she said they were totally different. somehow or another i was challenged to get a dictionary to look up the difference between the words "pierce" and "cut." in my classroom there happened to be two dictionaries available so i grabbed the biggest one, knowing it would fall in my favor. i started by looking up "cut" and one of the definitions was actually the word "to pierce." i read the definition out loud. my face as i looked at ms. english said it all. i'm pretty sure at that moment she wished she wasn't a christian so she could punch me.

now that i'm older and i've learned to look closely at all religions, i marvel at how advanced and intelligent i was to question her. not only was she an adult, she was a freaking pastor. i just didn't like her telling us how wrong tattoos and whatnot are, when she pretty much did the same in a different capacity. this is was while i was a junior in high school. if only i'd learned to use my power for good instead of evil.


Miss.Stefanie said...

We usually dont realize how dumb our actions were until we grow and mature.Good post

reedwrites said...

Leave it you to piss off a woman of (you know me well enough to hear the sarcasm in my voice)

What's bothering me most about that is why she saw fit to discuss the bible in a chemistry class??

And did she not realize that her actions could've gotten her fired because (and I'm assuming you went to public school) that actually constitutes a form of harrassment. I would've been the one to point THAT out.

malika the m.i.l.f. said...

stef, yeah, with age i have looked back on some things and i cringe at what i've done and said. many times if i see someone i ticked off i'll apologize.
and reed, i didn't think about it until way later about how wrong it was for her to preach to us out of the bible. many teachers talked about religion at my school, and it was a public school. televangelist eddie long's church, new birth, pumped a lot of money into my school because at the time it was about a half mile away. eddie long pulled a lot of strings in that area. one of my classmates didn't march at graduation because she was a muslim and they didn't want her to wear her headgarment under her graduation cap. graudation was also held at a local church.
i should also say that i'm not against christianity, i respect that faith and brotherhood is important to many people. i just don't get down with looking down on others when you do the same thing they do.

Brothers Blog said...

Lmao this was funny. I love challenging religion at times.

She probably had a Jesus fish tattooed on her back (you know the spot). Lmao

Mista Jaycee said...

The Bible actually refers to the custom of cutting the names of the dead into our skins. Warriors used to cut the names of a brave warrior(dead) into the skin in hopes of absorbing the spirit of said warrior for battle dig?

There are alot of things in the Bible that actually started for practical reasons and now we've forgotten some of them.

I won't bore you but I dig where you at.
PS Write more darn it! 8-)

Just Jasmine said...

lOl i love thise one. I like to se that damn you face on people who feel as though they are superior to others.
That's my favorite. I was a little smart alek but i would correct people's grammer and such. I remember a counselor of mine saying some dream she had (she was a real biotch) anyway, she mispronounced the hell of of a word and i proudly corrected her when my turn came around. She gave me THAT look.

MilesPerHour said...

Hmmm, I guess I sinned bad when I put this St. Michael the Archangel tat on my forearm.

Kofi Bofah said...

Just floating through blog world to check you out.

I am about to see what's good.

No caps - like you said in your Profile.

Mrs.Bailey said...

yea..thats one thing i dont like about religion and church...the black church in paticular.they dont want you to ask question they just want you to except it.half the time its because they dont even know the answer themselves...which is just proof that nobody knows for sure what the hell they are talking about.i say..believe in what you want to believe in.

kind of off subject..i just had a weird case of deja vu just now.