Friday, January 2, 2009

and so its time to grind

well folks the celebrations have died down. people are going back to work, the christmas decorations are getting put away. and now its time to do what the hell we said we were gonna do. its time to freaking HUSTLE. about a year ago i decided that i'd make my small fortune and retire to an island off the strength of making and selling some lip glosses and lotions that i make at the crib. i bought the ingredients, started working on products, checked on prices, was putting together the business plan in my head and i got side tracked. i started back in school, moved in with deen, was dealing with other stuff and so that lip gloss idea got tossed into the back of my head like a lot of other good ideas that i was too damned lazy to pursue. like i've heard time and time again, the good thing about the economy being crappy is that a lot of folks take this time to start their own businesses. and therefore, go i. i just looked at black snob's blog ( and she's doing with this whole thing what many of us should be doing. she's GRINDING. i know that y'all are in hustle mode too so there's no need to preach, but if you look at her site you see that she's selling ads AND she's got a pay pal account set up to take donations. that's the hustle i'm talking about. we're all pretty dope writers, we should get paid for doing the same thing. that's where i need to be. i'm telling myself that if there's no serious job in sight by april or may, i'll set up a booth at a place called the bizarre (its kind of like a fleamarket filled with eclectic goods) to sell my lip glosses and lotions and crap. so here it is. its time for me to take the plunge. early on i thought i'd make it by writing novels. oh well, get it how you live. i love lip glosses. the thought of branching out on you own is kind of scary. but damn that, i wanna eat. and i wanna eat SHRIMP.


Just Jasmine said...

Well go head with ur bad self. I love lip gloss. Lip gloss and shoes are two things I could. Never have enough got a customer just as long as it isn't sticky. I have a bag full of lipgloss and I'm always on the look out for more.
I wanted to start my own business as well. We'll see how that works out. I really need a silent partner

Mista Jaycee said...

Push On!
Remember Sean Puffy Combs took the train Uptown Records everyday as an intern and hustled. College Grad! Hustler! Now the obnoxious Pricks a multimillionaire but he worked his azz off to get there. That might be you w/o the obnoxious prick part. 8-)

Kofi Bofah said...

Happy New Year.

I know that I am late to the party.