Thursday, November 20, 2008

the "going to court" blog

i had mentioned earlier about me having to go to court dealing with skank that deen was screwing back in the day. i posted this blog on my myspace page so i thought i'd put it here also to match my father's day in court. we are a classy bunch. enjoy!

I know that I can be labeled as a bit of a conspiracy theorist at times, but I'm officially convinced that there is a group of super crazy bitches that meet up and trade information about me, and their main goal is to collectively stalk me and drive me fucking crazy.
Well anyway, I mentioned a while back about some delusional whore that was contacting Deen and talking out the side of her neck about me. If she had contacted him and called him everything but a child of God, I wouldn't have cared. But the fact that this bitch took the liberty to talk sideways about me, no, I didn't take to it well. She doesn't even know me. So YES, I did contact her to tell her to keep my name out of her mouth. What I didn't tell y'all was that the nutty bitch went so far as to get a RESTRAINING ORDER. Oh my fucking GOD, this bitch doesn't have anything better to do than spend all day in fucking court?
So today, we went to court.This bitch gets before the judge saying that she's his ex-girlfriend (she's his ex-JUMPOFF) and saying that I'm ONE OF his babymamas. Are you serious? After all of the shit he and I have been through, the last thing that man wants is more kids and/or babymamas. So then she pulls the blog I wrote about me contacting her (note, I never said her name in the blog, nor do I intend to in this blog) and tries to call it proof. And then she accuses me of calling her at her job and hanging up. She even tries to show emails that I've supposedly sent her. All I could do was laugh. I mean seriously, I'll admit to what I did but calling her job? How the hell would I even get her work number to begin with? And then she said that she went out of her way to get me banned from City Hall where she works. The funny thing about that is that I have no reason at all to go to City Hall. I only went there when Deen worked there. And he and I only met outside. Do you know how tight security is at City Hall? I'd have to be James Bond to get up in there, whether she was there or not. I don't know where in the building the nutjob works, nor do I care. So anyway, I get up and the first thing I say is that she IS NOT his ex. I explained how much stuff Deen had on his plate when I was pregnant and the LAST thing he wanted at the time was another chick to answer to. I know that I ran him ragged lol. Then I informed them that I am the ONE and ONLY mother to his only child. And then I responded that yes, I did contact her, but it was only after she went fly at the mouth. I also let the judge know that I don't know where she works, nor do I CARE. Same thing for her home. I don't know and I don't care. I told the judge that I'm a college student and a mother and I don't have time to go chasing this heifer down. The bitch then tried to say that she only contacted Deen to discuss stuff they talked about at work. So then I asked about her contacting him in the middle of the night and when I picked up his phone, the crazy bitch hung up. The funniest thing was when she tried to say that when she was talking about him knocking up that "ugly bitch," she wasn't talking about me, she was talking about another woman and that she was drunk at the time. All I could do was shake my head and laugh in disbelief. So the judge asked who he supposedly knocked up. She said that she didn't know the chick's name (WHAT?!) but she heard he had a baby in the pipeline. I laughed. Damn girl, if you're gonna lie, be good with it. The judge then asked if I'd ever threatened her and she mentioned me sending her a message about carpeting my living room with her badly permed hair (I guess she neglected to mention the part where I said "if you show up at my home again, I will carpet...). So to answer the question, no, I never threatened her. And then the judge asked if I'd ever destroyed any of her property. She tried to say that I did something to her makeup (it was so pitiful at this point that the people in the courtroom were laughing at her).
The judge was basically like, both of us were in the wrong and she ordered us to stay away from one another. Which I'm fine with because I really don't have anything to say to the crazy bitch at this point. I let her know that she was wrong, and that's all I wanted to do. So since I know that yet ANOTHER crazy bitch is reading my blog, I put the truth out there. When I picked him up from work today (I'm driving his car) we shared a good laugh about him supposedly having more children. I've been telling my son that he's got brothers and sisters floating around. lol. That bitch is so pathetic.I wish that I had let the judge know that I'm an unemployed college student that I've told Deen numerous times over that if he wants to go fucking with that skank he can, or anyone else. But he keeps me here and he pays the bills and he loves me and our child. The man is flawed. VERY. That's okay though, because I'm fucking his flawed ass tonight and I know that she wishes it was her. Which makes it worth it. And if the bitch decides to go back to court, I haven't threatened her or any of that. I hope she falls down a flight of stairs, head first. But that's not a threat, that's a wish. And if she has a problem with what I'm writing, then goddammit, bitch, don't read it.


Just Jasmine said...

wow. She must really be obsessed. Your Bd must have superdick for her to be acting like that. A restraining order? That's too much time and effort. She needs to get fired from her job. That is hilarious. You should have slipped the judge yuor blog address so she can read the things for herself.

LMAO @ you effing him tonight.
Well then.
Nuff said. I'm sure she's going to read that and cry/or masterbate or both.
yuo're crazy

Anonymous said...

girl..u stay off the chainz huh?...LOL..SMDH @ "Superdick"....Just Jasmine is juss

Neverendingchase said...

dead@"because I'm fucking his flawed ass tonight".

giiiiiirl what are we gonna do with you???

i hate that shyt too. that's the wrong thing to me.

sounds like ur dealing with a real "classy" broad though.

Leo80zBaby said...

Dont let her drive you crazy....She definitly seems like shes trying to.Females are so crazy now a days.