Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i was "tagged"

i just looked at just jazmine's blog and i realized that by me being tagged i have to tell y'all 7 random things about myself. this is kind of hard. oh goodness. here goes:

1) i am paralyzed by my fear of mushrooms and butterflies. mushrooms scare the hell out of me. they always have. i don't know why. they just look weird. when i see them in nature, i go out of my way to avoid them. and butterflies are so f*cking creepy. they don't just flutter, they get all up in your face and flutter. i want to shudder just thinking about either of them.

2) i don't know what i want to be when i grow up. i've been in college for 10 years and i'm finally about to graduate with a degree in communications and i have no clue what i want to do for a career.

3) i'm a gemini through and through. i can tell someone that i love them and curse them out in the same breath. you can meet a bunch of different me's depending on what day it is. but that makes me an interesting person to converse with because it never gets boring since i'm always switching topics.

4) i've lived in atlanta my whole life and i'm one of the few natives. sometimes i want to move out of here, but i want my son to be close to his father.

5) the quickest way for me to downright despise you is for you to be a liar. most people aren't too fond of liars, but i've got an especially strong aversion to them. i've dealt with a lot of people that hate on me and they tend to be the biggest liars so i avoid people i know to be liars like the plague. once i notice the first lie from you, i scratch you off of my cool list. i also tend to listen to what people say and instinctivly check it against something they've told me before. for instance, if you tell me that your dad is dead and he was a drunken deadbeat but 4 years from now you tell me that your dad is awesome and you've never had and argument, unless you're talking about a step parent, i'll instantly know that you're lying. i don't know why someone would lie about stuff like that, but they do.

6) i want more children. i know that my financial situation isn't too good right now, but once i finish my last class next semester and get a decent full time job, i want another baby. i want my son to have a brother or sister to run around with.

7) i'm starting to again believe that i'll never get married. i used to think that i'd never get have children, but then i met my son's father. i love him, but i don't see us getting married. i'd rather tell myself that it'll NEVER happen and be pleasantly surprised if it does, rather than telling myself that i'll meet the perfect man, it not happening and being disappointed.


Anonymous said...

so...u going tag me, right?

Just Jasmine said...

Good things to learn about ya.

I too like to think on teh negative in hopes of being surprised but at the very least i know i won't be dissapointed.

I have a degree in sociology and had no idea what i wanted to do. I work now just to pay the bills and that's why i'm going back to school.

chavita!!! <3 said...

OMG! OMG!! OMG! I got tha mushroom phob too ugh :( hate um lmao..

n think the best lol in a world full of darkness attract to the brighter things :)