Thursday, November 20, 2008

ANOTHER member of the family gets dragged into court

Well, if i'm considered crazy, it can be said that i got it honestly. Today I called my dad to ask him something and he finished his reply with "yeah, i just got out of jail." I could only imagine what my father had done this time. Now just for you that don't know, my father is a recovered crackhead who sobered up and went on to get his masters and his Ph.D. He's still mad as a box of frogs though. He reminded me about a guy that he'd been having problems with. The guy has a son in my little brother's class and since his son is an only child, they took a latching to my brother. The guy constantly wanted to take my little brother to the movies and all kinds of stuff. Strangely enough, this isn't the first time someone has attached themself to my biracial brother in a seemingly strange way. I can't understand why, frankly, the boy has the personality of toast. Anyway, my father being a person that has worked with child molestors, drug abusers, and schizos, is kind of wary of people. Honestly, I can't blame him. I want to work full-time but I'm apprehensive about leaving my child with a stranger instead of trading him off with Deen. People are crazy. I've got friends that lend their baby out every weekend and while I respect them doing what they do, I could NEVER just float my son around like that. Anyway, my dad had been complaining to me about the guy for at least a year. My father feels that its not his fault that the guy and his wife never had another child and its not my brother's responsibility to entertain their child.
So anyway my father confronts the guy at my little brother's school, of all places. My father was "talking loudly" as he put it. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if my father was yelling and cursing. Anyway, shortly thereafter, a warrant was issued and my father was arrested. He didn't even have to post bond, he got a signature bond. They went to court later and the guy brought the crossing guard from the school as his witness. The crossing guard told the judge point blank that my father yelled at him "leave me and my family alone."
The judge ruled that they pretty much avoid eachother and if they do, all charges will be dropped. That was the point that I'd told my dad about my own trip in front of a judge dealing with that crazy bitch and how in the end the judge also ruled that she and i just have to avoid eachother. He laughed about the whole thing and said "I guess people know now not to mess with us." He was right. He's still mad as a box of frogs. But he's right.

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Just Jasmine said...

wow but kudos to your dad for his struggle and his achievements.