Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting Our Grown Women On

So I've been hurling my guts out with a nasty stomach bug that I've gotten from my son. Thankfully I'm finally feeling better. I didn't want my first big Christmas with my family to be a bust as I kept running to hurl so I'm glad that my stomach is calming down on me.

As the holidays draw closer, I'm glad that some of my fabulous female friends are finally getting booed up. I've always thought that my female friends were awesome beyond belief so I love knowing that there are men that recognize their awesomeness as much as I do. Gone are the days of chasing emotionally unavailable men with girlfriends and other baggage. Gone are the days of chasing men that can never love us as much as they love themselves. Gone are the days of sitting back and waiting to be the number one woman in a man's life. My female friends are finding happiness in good men and are not only liking these men, they're being pursued in return. I love it when they call me and tell me that their men are taking them out and ready for a future. I'm glad because I'm one of the few people I know in a moderately happy relationship but now my wonderful female friends are finding men that are free of games and headaches. I'm glad too because they deserve it.

As we gotten older we've cried together about the men we loved that didn't love us back and truthfully it hurt like hell at the time. But what's the point of having your ass kicked by love if you're stupid enough to repeat the same mistakes? Only a total moron would jump from one man that doesn't love her to another one. My girlfriends have taught me that as we leaned on one another, we also learned from one another. My friend that had gotten caught up in the Facebook drama has since decided to leave dude alone and is now being courted by a man that is fully waiting and available to her. Another girl has a man that has encouraged her to go back to school, and my other friend has a man that she's really digging.

I'm glad that we're no longer waiting for men to love us back. No woman in her 30's and beyond should be that stupid.

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