Sunday, December 6, 2009

Open Invitations

Recently, I went outside to talk with my neighbor as she walked her daughter from the bus stop. Coincidentally, another neighbor was with her (woman I'd seen around, but never met before), and her son and my son took to eachother instantly. I was really glad to see my son playing with someone his own age, since he's normally not really social with other children. Not only that, my son isn't all that verbal, so I've been making it a point to try to get him to hang with other kids so he'll start to talk. The other woman said that her son has 3 sisters and she was glad to see him interacting and getting to wrestle and play around with another boy. Seeing the mutually beneficial relationship in this, we agreed that we should let our sons get together more often.

Being a stay at home mother myself, I asked her if she was home during the day. She replied that no, she's not home during the day, but her husband is. She was implying that she would have no problem with me going to her home so our sons could play while she was working and her husband was home. I guess she sensed my apprehension, so she followed it with telling me that she was home on Fridays and that the kids could get together then. I nodded and agreed that Fridays are good.

As I sat back and reflected on it later, I couldn't believe that she would invite me into her home, with her husband while she was gone. WTF?! She is obviously a very trusting woman and I'm sure that her husband is a great guy. But there is absolutely no way I'd meet a woman, speak with her casually, not know a damned thing about her, and invite her into my home, with my man, while I'm gone. While I do understand the necessity of our kids playing together, it's certainly not worth inviting what could be a bad look.

I made it known that I would go by on Fridays instead, because I don't want my name or likeness to be associated with any foolishness (okay, ANYMORE foolishness, but don't judge me). The last thing I need is for one of my neighbors to go to her and claim that they saw me going by the house all dressed up, and I was in her home for a while with the door closed. No ma'am. If I'm home with my son and we're really restless, at most, I may knock on the door and ask the husband and his little ones to come out and play. I don't even think I'd go into his home to tinkle. It's just not worth it.

I told myself that one day, I'd invite my two female neighbors over for a glass of wine, and once we chilled and got to talking about relationships and whatnot, I'd tell her to be careful about who she invites into her home. I was woman enough to avoid a bad situation. The next time, she may not be so lucky.


Kingsmomma said...

On the one hand I agree with you on the other, I don't. I think she already knows and probably has already come to terms with the fact that her husband has more than enough time and opportunity to cheat if he wanted. Inviting a neighbor doesn't necessarily increase the chances of said cheating, in fact she probably struck that idea out her head the moment you two spoke, teh moment your children played well together. It's one thing for a no good floozey to come in and break up the marriage but for a no god floozey to come in a break up a marriage and her child's friendship in the process seems a bit more far fetched (for the sane anyway) i think when children are in teh picture, that is a bit of sacred ground and most women (mothers) arent so easily brought into such temptations.

I also still very much believe in the good of people until i'm shown otherwise.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

good move.