Sunday, November 15, 2009

Making Unemployment Work

Well, it isn't much of a secret, but I've been unemployed for a minute now. I graduated from Kennesaw State University in May of '09 with a degree in Communications and I've looked high and low for a good job to support me and and the boy. Of course Pookie has done a wonderful job of taking care of us, but Mama didn't raise no fool and I know that I've got to start making my own bread in case (God forbid) Pookie drops dead or finds some new chick to do naughty favors for him. I've interviewed at quite a few places and sent out countless resumes. I even cut short my vacation in Florida visiting my mom, just so I could interview for a job that I didn't even get. Nice.

The last few weeks have finally started to show my life some real direction and I couldn't be more proud of that. As I'd stated in an earlier post, I got my first article published for my cousin's website and I've published about 3 other articles since that one. Well, for the other website I write for, I got published there last week.

Last week my cousin called me to ask if I'd be available to interview the group Pretty Ricky and unfortunately, I wasn't available. I thought that I'd ticked him off when I told him that I couldn't do it, but he called me again today to ask if I could do it. So I'm actually going to be interviewing Pretty Ricky this Tuesday! I've done a few celeb interviews on Lady Rerun's Radio Show, but this will be my first transcribed interview. I'm so excited.

On top of that, last Thursday morning, Lady Rerun (I know her as Portia, my friend from elementary school) called me to ask whether I thought she'd be a good director for the Plus Teen USA Pageant. After weighing ying the pros and cons, I told her that I thought it would be a great opportunity and that if she did it, I'd love to help her. Well Portia ended up being the Regional Director, and Portia appointed me as the head of Georgia's recruiting and she and I are working together to put together the pageant. Actually, the pageant is a paying job. The funny thing is that I'd have done if for free. As a young girl that grew up being overweight and with low self esteem, I felt that this would be my chance to give back. When I was growing up, I'd often imagine that older and cooler me, would go back and tell younger and geekier me that things would be okay. This pageant will be my chance to do so.

It's crazy that none of these blessings would have fallen into my lap if I'd had a job. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be landing this government job soon (fingers crossed!) but I learned to utilize my time and my skills to further my career. My ultimate goal is to work for myself and the more exposure I get on various projects, the more contacts I make. So thank you world, for giving me the last few months to follow my heart and my dreams. This new job will help to fund more projects and help me to move that much further along. I hope that other unemployed people are able to take this time to make their dreams come true. Because I sure am.


malika the sexy cynic said...

i'm set to interview for the goverment job in early decemember!! YES! YES! YES!

Anonymous said...

This is Wendy from blogtalkradio. PLEASE let me know if you got the govt job! And don't ever ever leave it if you do.. that's my opinion.. the opinion of one who has been in utter torture since leaving my govt. job in 1994. It took a lot of time and effort to get it and leaving is just about the single biggest regret of my life. I could have retired with full benefits at age 47! and bought a home by now!!When you're 22, 47 seems very old. My, I wish I had had wise, older people around me at the time to tell me this!! I also left another fed. position in '99, although that one was only temporary assignment.