Monday, February 9, 2009

chris brown, i'm in your corner

i'm gonna sound really anti-women here, but this thing with chris brown has me really feeling bad for the guy. he and rihanna got into it a couple of days ago, she got a little bruising (and for the record, so did he) and the police got called. so now chris brown looks like senor douchebag, while rihanna looks like the poor little victim. for the record, i don't think they got into a fight, nor do i think he punched her or anything. i think that words were exchanged and she knew exactly what to say or do to make him lose his cool. i'm not going to speculate on who hit who first, because either way its not cool. but here's how i think it happened:
1) they were in the car when they started arguing
2) some how or another, they started shoving and yelling (not punching though)
3) he realizes that people are around and it looks bad for him so he leaves the scene
4) people in the vicinity see her looking red and bruised (she is light as hell) so they call the police
5) she talks to the police because she's mad as hell and she's like "hell yeah he did it! go get him! i'll testify!"
6) the next day she realized that they were BOTH at fault and that pressing charges would be more trouble than it was worth
now if you look at the situation like that (and according to reports, that's exactly how it happened) chris isn't a bad guy, they are just two people that lost their cool. but i really hate that in these kinds of situations, the men are depicted as abusive dicks, when many times that isn't the case. i guess i can speak from experience because i've not only witnessed it, i've done it. my older sister is a sick motherfucker that gets her shits and giggles by making people lose their cool. that's part of the reason she and i don't speak and i've made the decision to cut her out of my life. i've seen her pick and pull and call people everything she could think of. she thinks its cute. all of the dudes that eventually left her crazy ass alone agree that she's a one way ticket to jail. at least she's woman enough to admit that she starts the fights, but in the eyes of the public she'd still look like the victim. she once hit her ex in the face and separated his jaw. now if he lost his mind and slapped her ass, is he really in the wrong? me thinks not.
now for my own confession. deen and i have had physical altercations. i try to be pretty cool and walk away, but deen has a way of saying the ONE THING that can make me cut loose and wail on his ass. we've both walked away bloody at times. most of the times, i've hit him first. its not something i'm proud of. nor is he. many of my homegirls say "leave him!" but i know that he doesn't come home and hit me or anything like that. many disagreements are held amicably, while others escalate.
i agree that any man that beats his woman because he thinks he has the right to do so should have his balls removed. but in those cases, not all women are victims and not ALL men are villains.


reedwrites said...

I mostly agree with you. I say "mostly" because I don't believe anybody should put their hands on anybody...but in the case of chris brown, I would just like to point out what the radio DJ said this morning....

Do I believe he hit her? Hell no!
Because she's Carribean and would probably whoop his ass.


Miss.Stefanie said...

I believe NO one should place thier hands on ANYBODY. No one asks for abuse. I didnt . Each time my bf hit me it was because I didnt cook something right. I believe he's a vile scumbag. Anyone to defend the puto should seriously think about their morals as well. Violence is never the answer.

Rchelle said...

I agree with you, young love gone bad. Now the public still doesnt know the truth (or at least we havent heard from Chris browns ppl) so I'm waiting on that. everything is still foggy though.

@Miss. Stefanie
I agree with you on no one should place their hands on anyone but you call Chris out as a scumb bag when the public doesn't even have all the facts.

Rchelle said...

found this over at in coments lol,
i mean i know abuse isnt funny but damn

Im thinkin the incident went a lil sumthin like dis:

Chris: So you ready for the Grammys?

Rhi: Ya man, Im ready, kinda tired tho.... *rubs head*

(Chris's phone vibrates)

Rhi: So, why ya got ya phone on vibrate?

Chris:Cuz we bout to go to the Grammys....duh!

Rhi: Oh (peers down at phone)

Chris: Rhi, why you so quiet? (looks back at road)


Chris: Rhi, chill out now. You know we promised to not freak out when this happened.

Rhi: Oh, so Im disposable now?

Chris: Rhi....

Rhi: (mumbles) Thats why I gave yo ass Herpes...

Chris: *stops car* WHAT!??? *grabs Rhi's neck*

Thats how I think it went down......
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Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Malika,
Thanks for at least providing a good and fair counterpoint to this situation. Still don't hit Gyals though! That's the rule.

Mrs.Bailey said...

long time no read!!!!.i agree on his side too.rihana looks like she could provoke the hell out of a muthafucka to do some crazy shit.

Cc Rydah ♥ said...

im over this whole situation and we have not even got passed the rumors and speculation. i dont agree that u should just be beatin on ur significant other but i do know some chicks [like ur sister] know how to make a man mad enuff to cut the chicks face off put it on a chicken and kill the chicken..

but watever happened it aint up to us to drag his name thru the mud based on what we *think* is goin down..but im not tryna sound preachy& ur

Ray Ray said...

regardless of who hit who, regardless of w\e situation that went down, as previously stated, nobody should be putting their rotten hands on anybody. just that simple. i dont condone hitting from either party however i do feel that if a woman puts herself in a man's position and hits a man, they cant really be upset if he hits her back (IT'S STILL WRONG NONETHELESS) and i'm sure i'm gonna be seen as antiwoman but not for nothin, cant no woman beat no dude's ass. until i see it, i'm stickin to my story. but good post ms lady