Sunday, February 1, 2009

14 kids under 8-years-old: this bitch should have her uterus RIPPED OUT

i'm a bit of a news buff and most things don't make me stop and discuss them (unless its about me being sick of barack obama) but this crap is just WRONG. for those of you that don't know what i'm talking about, i'm talking about the case of nadya suleman, a woman that is unmarried and unable to have children on her own so she got invitro fertilization to get pregnant 5 times. her children are ages 7,6,5,3, 2-year-old twins and this bitch just had octuplets. yeah, 8 more kids. most of the women i know with children are unmarried, so i'm not concerned about it from that standpoint aside from the fact that at least a husband in the picture would help to feed, clothe, house, discipline, and educate all 14 kids. nadya was living with her parents who helped her to take care of the first 6 children. one of the children was also autistic. and mama is now fed up and told her she's on the own with all 14 kids. her mother said that the chick is obsessed with having children and that her shrink told her to put nadya out on her own to encourage her to stop having children, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.




just this morning my son woke me in a fit of fussiness and followed me into the kitchen where i tried to get him something to eat. the boy threw the food down and continued to cry. i was so frustrated. he lifted his little arms in the air for me to lift him and i realized that he just wanted to be cuddled. so i gladly held him for a few minutes to calm him down. he actually went back to sleep in my arms. imagine having to give that much attention to 14 babies. so far my son's biggest accomplishment is his ability to climb out of his playpen (i'm not too happy about that, but that's a different blog entirely) but i'm already thinking about private school. deen has mentioned that we don't have the money for it, but i'm already thinking about scholarships and whatnot to ensure that my baby has the best education possible. for the friends that have children, we often talk about wanting more but we realize that its a lot easier to give one child the life we want for them (tutors, summer camps, playing instruments, little league sports, dance lessons, etc.) but if you can barely afford to feed 14 children, how the hell are you going to take care to make sure that their quality of life is as good as it can be?

i just talked to my gay male best friend about the issue and he pretty much feels that its done so whatever. and i told him that its easy to say "its not a big deal so just move on," when you don't have children. but when you have one (or more), you see how much responsibility just a few of them are, you know that what she did was downright SELFISH. its bad enough when chickenheads are laying on their backs and popping out baby after baby with no care for themselves or the children their having a decent father figure around, but this chick's GOAL was to have more babies (as opposed to a child being an afterthought to screwing some random dude). didn't she think that with one autistic child, there's a STRONG chance of even more autistic children? and who's supposed to pay the medical bills for all of these kids? the state. how is she going to feed all of these children? the state. its hard as hell to work when you have a few kids, so you know day care for 8 of them is going to be murder. so what is she more than likely going to do? sit on her ass and let the STATE pay her to stay home and take care of the kids. i'm not opposed to welfare taking care of kids when its needed, but i am opposed to the state taking care of this chick's kids when she went out of her way to have them when she knew ahead of time that someone else was already taking care of the ones she had.

and now to add insult to injury this chick is supposed to be interviewed by oprah and diane sawyer and i'm hearing her asking price is between $2m and $3m. so now this chick wants people to PAY to hear her trifling story?


Miss.Stefanie said...

I am so disappointed in this woman. You cant feed em, dont breed em is my motto. She is expecting EVERYONE to help her out and that to me is SELFISH! I have read about women who have more kids than that and thier husband died and not once did/do they ask for money.

Such a shame.Even her own mother is disgusted.

Rchelle said...

when i heard about this story i was like what the hell! 14 chillen and no daddy around??? she has no job i mean come on now. and i sure hope oprah doesnt give this matter attention. 2million to help pay for children costs, bish please! how u gunna et your doctor plant 1-2-3-...8 eggs in your womb! know u can barely feed the others.
and then she says that she wants to breat feed ALL OF THEM!

-i am too done

Just Jasmine said...

Hmm I thought i commented.
But something smells foul about this story.

First how in the hell did this broke bish pay for the in vitro. That is not a cheap procedure and you know medicaid does not even pay for that.

secondly isn't the doctor supposed to screen thier patients. She would not have been a suitable patient b/c she had no means of supporting any of her children.

After reading your day with caleb and knowing about my day with kingston as a single mother i do not for sorry for this stupid trick. I onlu feel sorry for her children becuase they will obviously be lacking in attention and support.

Brothers Blog said...

14 KIDS WTF? That's just madness there.

reedwrites said...

I promised myself I would not post a blog or devote an ounce of attention to this crazy trick and her litter...although I may put something on the baby name blog if the names are jacked up.

She's a selfish individual. All of her kids were conceived by IVF (she also has a set of twins in that batch of 6) and one of her children is autistic. And some point you have to just say STOP!

She's on her own. But expect that the media will spin this into a made for tv movie scenario...because I believe she is not of color.

At least they all got the same daddy (the sperm was all donated from the same individual)

Mista Jaycee said...

Your son can climb out of his playpen? Alright! It means that he's gonna do great things cause he doesnt know what's impossible. He imagines it and does it! Awesome! Now as far as that Lady with the babies. A big Rasberry on her. But on the plus side the Republicans got the biggest supporter of pro life that they can have and it's better than Bristol Palin. And Sarah's kids, Trig, Track, and the rest of the unbrady bunch. No, I get your point. She's gonna need resources. God help her and us.