Saturday, January 7, 2012

Starting Over (again)

So my last post was about a guy that I was seeing that was a repeat offender douchebag. After him doing that shit for the last time, I've decided that I'm not bringing his ass into the new year with me so I deleted that post and I'm starting over yet again. There is another guy that I'm seeing and I kind of like him, but I'm tired of focusing on men.

I want to spend the new year focused more on myself and my goals. Pookie and I spent a portion of New Year's together and although we didn't originally intend to but we really got to talk about a lot of our issues and get to a good place. He offered me a hug today as I sat back pissed at Douchebaggy McDouchebagerton. Its cool. I'm not crying, just irritated as hell. Thank God I'm pretty, otherwise I'd feel kinda bad right now ;)

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