Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Okay to Brag

Talking with Pookie recently, I'd asked him about men bragging about sexual conquest. Somehow, the question came up about men talking about their sexual exploits at home with the Mrs. and he said something that I took slight offense to. Apparently, men don't brag about their sexual exploits with their significant others. I was outraged.
From what I was told, men would be bored to share the sexy details of the same chick they've been banging for the last few years, so unless a man and wifey do something really sexually thrilling, the average man keeps sex talk about his woman to a minimum.
Perhaps it's just my own selfish reason, but I'd have no problem with Pookie bragging on our sexual exploits. Hell, it's not like I'm dropping drawers all over the place, so if someone knew how I got down with him, I'd have no problem with that. To be quite honest, I'm proud to boast about me and Pookie's sexual exploits. Over drinks, I'm ecstatic to share with my homegirls how talented he is.
Call it an ego boost, but I know that there are so many women that are prettier, smarter, richer, and skinnier than me, so at least I can get my jollies by being proud of the fact that the man I'm living with knows what makes mama happy. I used to think that my ex that I was with for years was awesome, but dear GOD! He has nothing on what I've got now.
But anyway, I'd be okay with Pookie bragging on me. Frankly, I'd be honored to make it to the sordid conversations where men brag about banging some hot chick. As a matter of fact, with my checkered history, I wouldn't be surprised if I've already been the subject of a few naughty locker room conversations. Hell, I've always been a conversation piece. ;)
So anyway, between the two of us, I'm apparently the only one that can and will boast about how good I've got it at home.
Take that all of you skinny, rich, smart, pretty women! At least I've got one thing on you!!


Anonymous said...
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RoByn LaTice said...

I hate when men brag. i used to think it was cute. But I think somethings should be left in private.

Four3 said...

If a man loves you he won't brag, but if he's with someone he hardly cares about, he's talking. It's about respect. I was never comfortable talking to my friends about that because it's none of their damn business. and that's all I say. I don't wanna hear about their men either. It's none of my damn business lol. I hold on to the last thing I heard about you. If I heard your good in bed, the next time I see you I'm gonna think, "they know how to work that think" lol that's not how I wanna see people.