Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pulling It All Together

So I've had to lay low on the things I've been working on, but things are going so well. A chance encounter with a man who is politically tuned in in February has led to an incredible opportunity for me. I've been meeting new people and getting to take advantage of my degree in media in ways that I did not know I'd be able to do. If things go well (and based on the research, it should) there will first be a BANGING ass party, followed by a chance for me to have even more major opportunities.

Its unfortunate that I can't talk about things I'm up to, but there are a few people around me that I know would love to mess it up, so I'm staying mum until things are in place. But for those of you who are concerned, just know that your ignorance and pettiness only inspired me to up my game and take my ish to the next level. So THANK YOU!

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