Thursday, December 11, 2008

why not to get involved with models

i've noticed that i blog about sex a lot and i really don't know why because its not like i'm missing it or anything. but sex is so fascinating. its something that most of us have in common in one way or another. after reading justjasmine's blog ( today, i was inspired to share my own story of sexual disappointment. enjoy. because i sure as hell didn't.
i met him at a show that a friend of mine was having. he was cute. damned cute. a model. he was about 6 feet tall, green eyes, perfect body, he had locs that flowed down his back. and although he was a hottie, he really wasn't the kind of guy i normally go for. he was a little too "put together" if you know what i mean. so anyway, he was talking with a mutual friend when i walked up and when the friend left i was surprised that the model continued to talk to me. he's a model, what the hell would he want with me? so while i enjoyed the conversation, i made it a point to not be following the guy around all night. he actually clung to ME. i could not believe that a cute guy like this was actually kind of digging me. we exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night and agreed to hang out later.
we hung later and things were fun. we laughed a lot, talked about our hopes and dreams, he even cooked for me. and i didn't hear from him again. i didn't really sweat it when suddenly i'd call him and never even get a response. so imagine my surpise when i got an invitation to a party that he was throwing, but the invitation came through a mutual friend. i was NOT having it. i had no intentions of seeing the bastard. he couldn't even pick up the phone to invite me? not even. anyway the night of his party my buddy needed a ride there after the club event we were at so i ended up taking him and i decided to stick around for a while. the fucking model (the s.o.b. that hadn't talked to me in a month and didn't even call me to invite me to the party) kept pulling me into his bedroom to kiss me. and it was the worst kiss EVER. don't get me wrong, i'm a kissing slut so i'm always open for a smooch, but if you're gonna pull me away from the party, at least let the kiss be worth it. how can you not open your mouth? i was SO pissed. he kept telling me how nice i looked and trying to put his hand up my skirt. not hearing it.
even though we didn't get down that night, we became cool enough to hang out on occasion. he lived close to the outback steakhouse where i was working and occasionally i'd go by his crib when i got out of work. one night after work i decided to stop by his crib. somehow we got to talking about sex and i gave him a massage as the new alicia keys live cd played in the background. we started kissing. he pulled out a condom. there was NO foreplay. he just started. silence. no moaning. NOTHING. i didn't hear "how are you?" "tell me what you like" "whose is it?!" "what's my name?!" "whose your daddy?!" "put your finger in my ass!" NOTHING. it was him pounding away silently. and about 8 minutes later he just stopped. he just pulled out and walked into the bathroom. i asked if he came and he said yeah. lucky him, because i sure didn't. i left shortly thereafter and felt dirty, cheap and used.
the experience was bad enough but what was really ugly was that after the fact, once again, didn't hear from him. i understand not calling the next day but a week later i didn't hear from him still. i was LIVID. a few weeks later i called a mutual friend and i told her about the experience and she actually went back to him and told him what i'd said. i was ticked that my homegirl shared the info with him.
about 4 months later i ran into him in a club and we talked about the whole experience. he started by saying that i obviously wanted to seduce him since i came to his home without underwear on. i told him that it was simply laundry day, that's why i was missing undies. i also reminded him that i came to his home wearing my outback steakhouse uniform, straight from work. if i was planning to seduce a man i sure wouldn't be wearing that ugly ass uniform, straight from work, hadn't even showered yet, smelling like au jus. he accused me of trying to get next to his friends and coworkers in an attempt to stay close to him. wrong again. the friend who's number i had gotten, i'd originally met at his party before he and i slept together and i had nearly 300 phone numbers in my phone. i'm a social person. i'm able to get someone's phone number without there being some kind of sneaky ulterior motive.
he and i distantly stayed in the same social circles but i eventually gave up trying to be civil toward him. FUCK HIM. its not my fault that he's a bad fuck. he went out of his way to get next to me and then he had the nerve to change the story up to say that i was i had chased him and not vice versa. originally i felt bad that it got back to him that i said he's a bad screw, but i never would have said that (although i still would have thought it) if he hadn't gotten foul by never calling me back. yeah he was cute, but the big ass ego he had killed the whole thing for me. no more models. i'll take a regular looking dude with great sex over the model anyday. i can't listen to the alicia keys live cd to this day.


THRILA said...

with my limited experience with models (mostly through school) a lot of them just seem to live on their high horse and enjoy it. sure they're attractive to look at, but a lot are just that and nothing more. which is a shame if you think about it.

i'll take the nerdy shy guys over the models any day, they're so cute :3

haha you should write your autobiography, would probably be an awesome read!

reedwrites said... models for me. lol. oh and I would add no one is super into the gym. think they cute with an ego the size of a balance ball and the iq of a dumbbell. Nothing wrong with looking good, but if you spend more time in front of a mirror than i do---that's a big red flag!

Anonymous said...

I am a model so.....


Just trying to cheer you up, boo!!!

Malik said...

Ain't nothing worse than a beautiful person with absolutely no brain at all.

I'm done dating women that look good. Let me find me a big, nasty, sweaty chick who's built like a beast.

Just Jasmine said...

LMFAO at malik,

Girl that's some straight up bullshit.

I'm with you. I am a pretty low maitnence type of girl and i don't want to be with anyone who spends more time in the mirror than i or worse can apply my makeup.

thanks but no thanks.

Just Jasmine said...

Oh yeah...Girl that is not my blog

but thanks for the shout out anyway