Saturday, February 13, 2016


So be quite honest, I'm currently sitting in a coffeehouse on a Saturday night, with my classmate Shalynda, as we work on our respective projects. As Chapter 2 of my thesis is due on Tuesday at midnight, yesterday, it occurred to me to change my topic. So while everyone else is plugging away on chapter 2, my ass is here working on Chapter 1. Oh, to wonder why I do the things I do... but I digress.

Lately has been a bit of a blur. I've talked at length about my interning and how well its coming along. I'm working with an exceptional organization and getting to reach out to quite a few people and getting experience to do things that I'd only imagined. I've definitely had to carve a way, but I'm making it happen. About 3 months ago, I'd decided that there should be a pantry to benefit the Atlanta University Center schools. It has been a long process, filled with disappointments, politicking, smiling when I didn't want to, calling and asking my network dozens of questions and just being available and willing to talk about this pantry to anyone that could halfway help me.

I was given the opportunity through my internship the chance to go before the board to pitch my idea for the pantry and holy crap, they loved it. They actually loved it. I literally cried tears of joy as I was told that the money would be granted to make this a reality. That moment meant so much to me. I'm sure that no one outside of my intimate circle fully understood why, based on my history, but its here. Or soon to be. The planning part is over, now is the execution part.

I'm tired as hell. I'm exhausted. My dating life is crap. On a good note, one of my friends told me they thought Ted was no longer employed, prompting me to text him to see if he's okay. It was my first time texting him in over a month and things went well. Well, better than I thought they would. He's still employed, but had a few troubles but he's holding on. It was nice to hear from him. I miss his friendship. :(

Strangely, the only thing I have to look forward to (aside from this damned thesis being over) is that Fred is coming to visit next month. Lord, I can't wait. Just a few weeks. We've been chatting a lot lately. I really just look forward to a long hug from him. I hug from Fred. And beginning to work on this pantry that will hopefully feed hundreds of students well into the future. That's all I want. Love and a legacy. Goals.

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