Wednesday, April 6, 2011

His Mother is Gone

I have a friend named Kevin. I've known Kevin since I was 15. I refer to him as my brother. We've shared the most intimate details of our lives and he even just got me a job at the pet store where he works. This is our first time in our lives getting to physically spend this much time together. I love getting to see my brother so often. Kevin and I have always had a bond where we know everything and we get through most of our bad moments by laughing at one another. Seriously. He could write a book about the dumb shit I've done.

My brother just lost his mother. She died this evening after a lengthy illness. I don't know what to say. Of course I'll try to hold down the fort at work while he's gone (as if I have that power), but I just want to take away his pain. I saw a picture of his mother that he posted on his Facebook page. I looked at her and told her that I'll take care of him while she's gone. She responded by telling me that she knows I will. I feel that she's a peace. She's reuniting with loved ones from her past. I feel her being happy. She's free. I'm happy for her, because I feel that her whole body was falling apart and she was ready to go. When I think that he is ready to hear it, I'll pass it on to him. But for now, I just want to heal my brother.

I want to go to him and tell him that she's in a better place. I reminded him to be strong, because he's always been the rock in his family. But even though Kevin is on the other side of town, I can feel his spirit from here and I know that he's falling apart. I can feel his stomach aching. I feel him being dizzy and light headed. I feel that his wife is trying her best to be supportive. I know he's being silent, not knowing what to say. My body, my heart, and my spirit ache for my brother. His mother is gone. And none of my stupid jokes or funny stories can help him.

(s/n I was about to post the picture he just posted of her, but she told me that she didn't want her picture posted, so I chose this one instead)

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