Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Done... The End of an Era

After the last few times my blog was scrutinized and infiltrated I swore that I wouldn't stop the show for anything or anyone. Well, I was wrong. I'm stopping it now. I dunno, perhaps I'll reemerge with a new blog and a pseudonym later, but for now I, Malika S. Flowers have had my space, my thoughts, my mind, and my heart violated by sharing my innermost thoughts, for the very last time. I am thankful to the friends that I've made along the way (Kingsmomma and Stefanie are my internet fam!) and thankful to the personal friends that cared enough to stop in and share my incredible journey with me. I've been beaten down and I've been victorious. But the time has come for me to do something different, somewhere else. Thanks for the continued love and support.

With love,
Malika S. Flowers

p.s. Feel free to hit me up on Facebook or drop me an email.


ScatteredCohesion said...

So sad to see you go. I've subscribed to your blog for almost a year now and I've always looked forward to your entries. You definitely inspired me to finish my degree (class of June 2011 YAY!) and to accept my random yet quirky way of being (whether right or wrong). Thanks for always being a friend (in my head). I wish you nothing but the best.

malika the sexy cynic said...

Thanks for the love. I hate to do it, but after what just happened, I just can't do anymore writing on here for now. Send me a facebook request and tell me you're from the blog.